What is your recovery plan?

To be honest, backups are easy.  You can setup backups for free, or spend thousands per month on different solutions.  You can get backups of just important files, or the entire machine.  Getting backups is not the hard part.  Using backups to recover and keep your business going, that can be the challenge.  IT providers talk a lot about their backup solution.   At Pelycon, we have a recovery solution. We use a combination of onsite hardware and great software to give you a recovery solution that translates into minutes of downtime rather than hours or days.  

The onsite device we provide protects your servers at your office.  If your server fails, we can recover and run your server from our device.  Same day, same hour.  We call that business continuity. 

Each night our system tests your latest backup to verify that it was successful.  It will then send confirmation to our engineers to show that it was a reliable backup. 

Finally, our device will send your backups offsite to our primary backup center.  If you have a catastrophe in your office we will have your offsite backup ready to resume business when you are.