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Additional Services

We understand that some businesses simply need advice, consultation, or assistance with a single project.  From planning to purchasing to execution, we have the experience and qualifications to deliver an entire myriad of services regardless of the size or scope of the project.  Below are just some of the more common services we provide outside of our managed services. 


Vendor Liaison

For all of our clients, we always serve as your vendor liaison for your Internet service provider, business application support, and any other relationship with outside parties.  We know it can be frustrating to deal with tech support.  We want to bridge that gap between the tech talk and what makes sense to you.  We are on your side to advocate for your needs.  






With our experience in retail, legal and healthcare IT, we can help you achieve compliance with regular self-audits and reports.  Whether it's HIPAA, PCI or SOX, we can analyze and audit your environment, complete the audits for you and help you get back in compliance. Along with this, we offer security and network penetration testing from an outside unbiased 3rd party to evaluate where vulnerabilities are and get them resolved.  



Whether you are setting up email for the first time, or migrating to the cloud, we can get your hosted email service setup, with additional add-ons available like encrypted email available.  

File sync

For offices with mobile users or needing collaboration, a good tool that allows you to share files both locally and remotely is a must-have.  With a few options available, we can help get your team mobile and organized.  


We are here as consultants on anything else you need from getting a new PC to moving all your services to the cloud.  We are in your corner to advocate for your business and keep all of your technology running smoothly.