Essential Toolset delivering proactive maintenance and monitoring:

All devices we manage get antivirus, anti-malware and a RMM (monitoring and management) agent that is capable of doing the routine maintenance and scripting that can lengthen the life of technology and keep it in play longer.  This suite of software keeps you protected from the most common issues that can bring computers or servers down. 

Backups / Disaster Recovery:


Backups not only protect your data from a crash or other disasters, but they add a critical layer of security to your files.  In some cases, the best protection against ransomware or cryptovirus is an encrypted backup.  Using our backup service alongside other security services, you'll get a great solution that is easily monitored and offers a robust and seamless recovery that can keep your business running despite a major server crash.  Our backup service comes with the onsite device included to host your backups.  This saves you from any upfront buy in to get started on a backup service that puts the integrity of your data first.  

Office 365 and Hosted email:


Office 365 is a very cost effective way to stay on the latest version of the most productive Microsoft applications out there.  For a single price per user, we can include Office 365 subscriptions in with our essential toolset and round out a great productivity and security offering for all your users.  

Vendor Liaison, virtual CIO, Consultation:

Along with the above services, we always serve as your vendor liaison for your Internet service provider, business application support, and any other relationship with outside parties.   We are here as consults on anything else you need from getting a new PC to moving all your services to the cloud.  We are in your corner to advocate for your business and keep all of your technology running smoothly.

With our experience in retail and healthcare IT, we can help you achieve compliance with regular self-audits and reports.  Along with this, we offer security and network penetration testing from an outside unbiased 3rd party to evaluate where vulnerabilities are and get any of them resolved.