IT support that stands out.

Pelycon Technologies is an IT managed services provider in Central Kentucky.  Focusing on business continuity, every decision we make for our clients has their uptime at its core.  The services we offer not only keep your business running smoothly, but plan for rapid recovery in the event of any problems.   

Why are we different? 

We use engineers from start to finish instead of sales people.  Why? First of all, this ensures you have experts focusing on what you need, rather than what helps profits.  We can do this because we aren't your typical IT engineers.  Sales commission doesn't factor into our recommendations.  We are interested in what keeps your business running smoothly and prevents downtime.  We work with business owners and managers to explain technology in their language.  We realize it's difficult to make uneducated decisions, our job is to help you understand what solutions are out there, and come up with your customized Continuity Solution. 


What is your Continuity Solution?


We start with good hardware.  Not all servers, PCs and network devices are created equal.  We recommend and use quality devices that are built to last, and powerful enough to get the job done.  If that's not what you have, we'll help you get there on a schedule that is comfortable for you.  


Next, we maintain all the devices on your network with our prime toolset.  This includes top-of-the-line antivirus, anti-malware and a proactive maintenance agent that helps eliminate many problems before they arise.  This lengthens the life of your tech, and helps prevent those nagging issues that can add up to lost productivity. 


All the while, we keep eyes on everything through monitoring and alerting.  This lets us respond to the problems you may not know about.  Some issues can occur just below the surface and can cripple a business if left alone to grow.  We head those off before they materialize into downtime.  


Server down? Relax, you have a spare.  Our backup solution not only keeps a backup copy of your data, but your latest backup can step in and take the place of your server if necessary.  This means that within minutes you can get back to work and not miss a beat, even if your server is down for days or even needs to be replaced.   The backup device that we provide will keep you in business until your server is ready to go. 


These are just the basics.  In addition to the services above, we have an entire host of services that round out the perfect continuity solution for each business.  Contact us now to get a free network assessment and let us put together a package that lets makes your technology do business. 



Our Promise

We are committed to delivering quality service.  If something isn't working out, we'll fix it or find the solution that does.  Whether that means a different device or a different strategy, we won't quit until you have what you need to accomplish your goals. Our zero commitment introductory period means you don't have to commit to us until you see how committed we are to you.  We let our work speak for itself, but if you don't like what you see in the first 90 days, you can cancel, no questions asked. 


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